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Started studying about one month ago now, really a lot of fun but cost much time, too. (I didn't continued developing, hope this will change)

Posted by Stephan Gocht 2011-11-23


I'm still working, but not much. Atm the I think the Installer will be the next update (50% done). I also did some tests for a smartphone design, realy hard to finde something that works on diferent mobile browsers. Maybe an app will be easier.

Posted by Stephan Gocht 2011-10-06

GIT is working

Everything is working now! Fell free to take a look at the code.
Sorry for sometimes bad code and German comments, but due to the long development time till now (ower 2 Years) and large skill changes of mine over these years, not all changes found their way to every file.

I also made my first commits with some bug fixes and a new feature. Work is going on!

Posted by Stephan Gocht 2011-08-20

GIT is up

I have finally set up the GIT repository (with some passwords in configuration files, hope I have deleted it correctly, however the affected passwords are changed)

The Problem is, that nothing is displayed under "Code". I will try to figure out the Problem tomorrow.

Posted by Stephan Gocht 2011-08-19

Hello out there!

I've got it! I finally made my way to sourceforge. After setting up the basics it's just a matter of time until I start version managing with git and upload the source. But before this, I want to do a small clean up of my files, this may take some Days.

Posted by Stephan Gocht 2011-08-18

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