Preparing for an update

I've implemented most of OpenCL 1.2 in the repository, as well as all the DirectX extensions + a general plugin architecture for user extensions. I might make a beta release bundle of this soon, as some of OpenCL 1.2 is pretty useful, but as the standard itself has a few "breaking" changes(Or perhaps we should call them "fixing" as the original API never really worked) related to extensions I think I'll hold off on a full release until nVidia and Intel get up to version 1.2. There are also a handful of deprecated functions in 1.2 that make it very natural to declare that the next release will require 1.2 internally, while keeping all old methods with deprecation flags on them to not break old software.

The code in the repository also has gotten rid of most of the boxed types in the core APIs. They were useful during development, but were just a resource hog now. Well, not anymore. There should be no code changes required, as .Net compilers convert things transparently in all directions.

In the meantime, knock yourself out checking out the source repository if you want to try features from 1.2 on AMD's drivers.(Only the lowest level API has support at the moment and there may well be bugs as the unit tester doesn't exercise the new functions yet)

In case you don't have AMD hardware - don't worry. Neither do I. Their APP SDK installer will gracefully install only stuff useful for their OpenCL CPU driver.

Posted by Illusio 2012-07-09

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