OpenCL 1.1 support in repository

As well as a fair amount of additional stuff.

OpenCLManager is starting to get usable.

Added a bunch of overloads to allow people to use int and long instead of IntPtr if they don't care about portability. Using the new overloaded functions drastically reduces the amount of casting required, which is nice.

Added a bunch of convenience functions for reading and writing data to buffers.

Some new stuff from OpenCL1.1 includes rectangular read,write,copy functions on buffers, user events, user specified callbacks from events.

Added a fair amount of test code.

I suspect I'll make a release on monday, when I've finished the last bit of dependency checking in the OpenCLManager. I was initially going to call it an alpha and freeze the API, but I suppose it may be a good idea to give people a few weeks to complain about anything they don't like about the recent additions.

Posted by Illusio 2010-08-13

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