• Tom

    Tom - 2003-07-16

    This is probably a ridiculously easy problem, but stil...
    i set everything up to the letter form the install instructions. the problem is, when I try to run the install script in the install directory, it asks for a paswword, etc. The install instructions say put in admin for everything until you change it. Well, that simply does not work. In fact, nothing works. Anything I put in (as database user I created, as root user, as admin, etc etc etc) all get rejected.
    I edited the database constants file as asked, and tried several different users there as well, but still nothing.
    I also get "error accessing config settings" no matter where I try to go. I'm sure this is simpy a permissions problem, but the above password problem to get the databse running really baffles me. any suggestions?

    • Jose Antonio Chavarria

      You have to delete the file named .htaccess into the install directory and repeat the installation process. This file is not needed in a real configuration. I only use it for demo reasons.


    • Tom

      Tom - 2003-07-28

      See? Simple and stupid. Thanks for your help. I promise not to be such a dumbass in the future ;)

    • fedwards

      fedwards - 2005-01-17

      Hola folks,

      I need a little help with Spanish Language support. I have enabled it in the program but I think Apache needs somthing to display special characters in the web browser. Not sure what I am doing wrong here.

      Thanks in Advance.

    • fedwards

      fedwards - 2005-01-17

      Never mind got it figured out. Great software. Thanks

  • Cristian Muñoz

    Cristian Muñoz - 2010-07-23

    I can not configure it in Spanish.
    He says that the update is successful, but it is not.
    Help me.


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