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Welcome to the openchronos-ng project!

Openchronos New Generation is a modular opensource firmware for the TI eZ430 Chronos. It is a complete fork of openchronos, with a lower firmware size and more features.

Please check this page to see the supported functionality / feature matrix: [Feature matrix]

If you are interested in this project, have ideas or want to contribute, drop us a message in the mailing list, forums or irc at #openchronos or #openchronos-ng at chat.freenode.net

Project statistics are available here.


To see the latest news and project announcements, check out our blog


For the instructions on using the firmware package, click here.
Otherwise, for the instructions on compiling from source, click here.

Developers, look here

Main development happens in the master branch. Non-trivial bug fixes and new features are developed in separate branches named in UPPERCASE.
If you plan to add functionality, please make patches against the master branch. However, do not forget to look at each of other branches to check if your idea is already being implemented or is conflicting with ongoing work.

The recommended toolchain is toolchain version.

Also have a look to our generated API docs if you plan to add functionality. The generated API is always more or less up to date with the master branch.

To contribute, feel free to send us the git-formatted patches to the mailing list OR use the sourceforge.net's "merge request" feature. Before submitting, please make sure the source coding style matches the project's one. For that you can use the kernel.org's checkpatch.pl which is distributed in our repository:

./contrib/checkpatch.pl --no-tree -f <path/to/source.c>


Wiki: Feature matrix