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OpenCHAT donations are 100% brazilian social charity sent

OpenCHAT now accepts donations which are 100% sent to brazilian social charity NGOs. Donators and donation receipts will be listed in the upcoming OpenCHAT web site.

Posted by Diego de Lima 2003-12-13

OpenCHAT 0.40 released with multiple language support

Now OpenCHAT can support multiple languages, allowing full customization not only of the html templating engine, but also of the internal messages, such as "All", "Private", Error", etc. in multiple languages.

Each domain can have its own assigned default language and particular language extensions which you can use with the OpenCHAT html templating engine.

Have fun!

Posted by Diego de Lima 2003-12-11

OpenCHAT 0.38 released. Multiple charsets now supported.

OpenCHAT 0.38 have been released with some minor bug fixes and multiple charsets supported by the param CHAT_DEFAULT_CHARSET. The integrated http file server was also improved.

Please mail us with your opinions and suggestions!

Posted by Diego de Lima 2003-12-05

OpenCHAT 0.37 released with a room based templating system.

OpenCHAT 0.37 released with a room based templating system, allowing users to configure different skins for each room in each domain.

Posted by Diego de Lima 2003-12-02

OpenCHAT screenshot!

Weve made avaiable an OpenCHAT default skin screenshot at . Since version 0.36 you can fully create your own OpenCHAT skins. Please mail us if you have created new ones. Maybe we can bundle it in future releases!

Posted by Diego de Lima 2003-11-28

OpenCHAT 0.36 released with completely new templating engine

OpenCHAT version 0.36 releases a complete HTML templating engine, allowing users to fully customize OpenCHAT appearance on a per domain basis. Hope you all enjoy it!

Posted by Diego de Lima 2003-11-26

OpenCHAT 0.35 released

This OpenCHAT release adds a defaultRoom fallback, making users allways get a room, even when requested room string isnt avaiable.

Posted by Diego de Lima 2003-11-25

OpenCHAT testing tasks

For all those who want to contribute to the OpenCHAT project by testing the software, here is the first two main tasks which must be done in this area.

This time we plan not to add new features, but to release a more secure and stable version, preventing DoS attacks, exceptions, hacking, etc. and also to define the ideal configuration files format, targeting ease to use and install.

So, by now there are two things that have to be very well tested before a production release:... read more

Posted by Diego de Lima 2003-11-20

ZIP file format package added

Some users have complained about the tar.gz file format crashing on Winzip. Additional ZIP file format added to satisfy Wind32 users.

Posted by Diego de Lima 2003-11-18

OpenCHAT 0.34 released with better docs

OpenCHAT is a full HTTP/HTML free chat solution entirelly written in Java. It has its own web HTTP server and database integrated in it. This release adds musc better docs.

Posted by Diego de Lima 2003-11-16

OpenCHAT 032 released

This release adds even better docs but almost no code changes.

Posted by Diego de Lima 2003-11-15

OpenCHAT 0.31 released

The 0.31 release adds better documentation, config files and some bug fixes.

Posted by Diego de Lima 2003-11-14

OpenCHAT.conf documentation released

A way to customize your OpenCHAT server, the OpenCHAT.conf can be now better understood with the new released documentation.

Posted by Diego de Lima 2003-11-12

OpenCHAT 0.3a released

This release adds a nicer HTML login page interface. Have fun!

Posted by Diego de Lima 2003-11-12

OpenCHAT 0.2 released

OpenCHAT is a 100% HTTP/HTML chat stand alone server writen in Java. It features multiple domains, room spaces and rooms support.

Posted by Diego de Lima 2003-11-10

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