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OpenCFLite 476.19.0 Released

* Address a bug in CFSetApplyFunction that can result in it
accessing and modifying deallocated key memory when iterating over
a mutable set while simultaneously mutating it where those
mutations might lead to the growth or shrinkage of the set.

* Remove support, on Linux, for using the malloc_usable_size
introspection method when instantiating CoreFoundation runtime

* Add support for performing debug consistency checks in Linux on
memory deallocated by the system allocator.... read more

Posted by Grant 2011-09-08

Request Apple Open the CFNetwork Sources!

I've been lobbying for Apple to re-open the sources to CFNetwork. As you may remember, these sources were available in Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) and prior, and were closed starting with Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard).

Now that Snow Leopard is out (and Apple tells me the CFLite sources are coming soon), it seems like a good time to try lobbying for the release of the CFNetwork sources.

I just filed another bug requesting the source code be reopened, at least to the subset of functions that were present in Mac OS 10.4. ... read more

Posted by Brent Fulgham 2009-09-03

OpenCFLite 476.17.2 Released

* Fixed run loop timer support for Linux.

* Updated pre-compiled ICU to v4.0 for Windows builds.

* Minor updates to CFRunLoopTimerExample and StringExample examples.

* Merged in David Cotter's <> CF-Lite project, including his additional CFTest example.

* Fixed support for writing binary property lists with patch from Stuart Crook <>.

Posted by Grant 2009-03-11

OpenCFLite 476.17.1 Released

* Basic, development-level run loop support for Windows and Linux.

* Ensure private globals are marked as such on non-Apple GCC compilers.

* Added DisplayURL, DNSServiceMetaQuery, CFLocalServer and CFRunLoopTimer examples.

* Added appropriate preprocessor checks for __powerpc__ to handle PowerPC compilers that emit that rather than __ppc__.

* Windows and Mac OS X build clean-ups.

* Improved Linux build configuration by respecting '--with' options in preference to the presence of <foo>-config and, in general, improved behavior in cross-compilation scenarios and in error cases.

Posted by Grant 2009-02-11

OpenCFLite 476.17.0 Released

February 6, 2009. Today, the first release of OpenCFLite for Windows and Linux, based on Apple's CoreFoundation-476.17 has been published.

The current release is known to work on Windows at a sufficient level to run the WebKit infrastructure.

Posted by Grant 2009-02-07

Introducing OpenCFLite

CFLite is an open source framework released by Apple a few years ago. While it can be easily built on Mac OS X (or Darwin), the Linux and Windows versions have been pretty neglected in its Open Source version.

This project provides a common area for patching and building the library for Open Source use.

I had initially set this up as a Google Code project (, but have moved it to SourceForge due to licensing issues at Apple's request.... read more

Posted by Brent Fulgham 2008-11-25

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