OpenCFLite 476.19.0 Released

* Address a bug in CFSetApplyFunction that can result in it
accessing and modifying deallocated key memory when iterating over
a mutable set while simultaneously mutating it where those
mutations might lead to the growth or shrinkage of the set.

* Remove support, on Linux, for using the malloc_usable_size
introspection method when instantiating CoreFoundation runtime

* Add support for performing debug consistency checks in Linux on
memory deallocated by the system allocator.

* Upgrade the AssertMacros.h from CarbonHeaders-8A428 to that from
CarbonHeaders-18.1 to address rdar://problem/4822326 where
executing verify*action with break or continue ends up failing to
actually work as expected or intended.

* Added ARM support.

* Only define __kCFCharacterSetDir if it is not already defined.

* Address a number of compiler warnings and errors.

* Fixed run loop symbol visibility under Linux.

* Use strtoul rathern than strtoul_l when passing NULL as the
extended locale.

* Limited symbol and function visiblity based on appropriate
preprocessor definitions.

* Merged change to ensure that the right LDFLAGS are passed when
testing for the existing of uuid_compare in libuuid with using
--with-uuid and friends from trunk.

* Reconfigured following update to for pushing/popping
UUID_LDFLAGS when testing uuid_compare in -luuid.

Posted by Grant 2011-09-08

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