• David

    David - 2007-11-11


    first of all congratulations to your great success with OpenCCG!
    I really like the Open-CCG-Editor. I think it is a handy tool and it makes very nice visualizations of the lexical families. Thus, I was wondering if there are any chances to import xml-files into the ccg-editor, so that they can be stored as ccg-files? If not, do you know whether somebody is currently working on this? That would be great...
    Thanks for your help!
    Kind regards,


    • Jason Baldridge

      Jason Baldridge - 2007-11-13

      We don't have any conversion to go from the XML to the .ccg format. If you dug into the Java code, it would probably be possible to do that with appropriate toCCGString methods on the grammar objects, though the resulting .ccg code wouldn't be as compact as it could be.

      Glad you are finding the tools useful!


  • Abdoulaye Drame

    Abdoulaye Drame - 2010-06-01

    Hello Everybody,
    is there another editing tool apart from the VisCCG. I find the latter very useful, but I wonder if there is another editor that offers templates for writing grammars?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Michael White

    Michael White - 2010-06-01

    Your best bet may be your favorite text editor.  The sample grammars in openccg/ccg-format-grammars/* may be worth a look for inspiration (if not templates).  After, it may also help to look at openccg/src/ccg2xml/README.


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