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Customizing combinators

  • Jean

    Jean - 2011-09-05

    Is it possible to modify the cross-composition rule, or to disable the default and provide an own definition?

    To prevent the grammar from overgenerating, I need to restrict cross-composition to verbal arguments that need to be non-locally moved. The idea is to augment the combinator like that:

    X/Y Y\Z => X\Z

    Is this, or something simliar, possible?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Michael White

    Michael White - 2011-09-08

    Sorry for the delay in responding, I've been away from email.

    While you could always modify your version of openccg as you like, I don't believe there is a supported way to modify the crossed composition rule.

    The normal way to prevent overgeneration is to use the slash modalities on lexical entries.  It would be interesting to hear why this would not work for you.



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