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Dylan Eave
  • Dylan Eave

    Dylan Eave - 2008-08-29


    I see the OpenCards info is useless without the API you described, and given that I myself am but an advanced end user, I can only share my idea-

    OpenCars is definitely my most valuable study tool - Flashcards I have used before, but they get lost and wet and are difficult to organize. !!They are however portable!! - more so than tablet PC's and cheaper! Smart phones could quite easily bridge this gap between extremely effective organization and portability.

    Smart phones running Symbian S60 V3 cost as much as two tanks of fuel here in South Africa - they have screen resolutions of 320 X 240, storage capacity of greater than a GB and can quite easily run PowerPoint presentations full screen. (Size 22 Arial is easily readable)

    I envisage a button on the scheduler which will create a single opd/ppt for the cards for the current day -

    >> Read the info from each card and store it in a temp location (as does the long-term learning scheduler
    >> Using this stored info, open each file, copy the cards scheduled for the current day from each file and paste them all into a new document
    >> Save the new document to a location

    I am one of a few at the University of Cape Town who make use of OpenCards for medical studies – Portability would not only greatly increase the use of OpenCards, but believe it will also indirectly increase the quality of doctor produced by the university. This is a massively powerful tool. Please, Holger – Add a button to your next version… :)

    Dylan Eave

    • Holger Brandl

      Holger Brandl - 2008-12-18

      Hi Dylan,

      I would like to add this button, but unfortunately the OpenOffice does not seem to support slide copying using the API.

      If you've any idea how to do so, please let me know.

      Best, Holger


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