importing txt file: delimiter other than tab?

  • jak68

    jak68 - 2008-08-14

    hi guys -  here's an item for the wishlist.

    Right now I believe txt files imported into opencards require a "tab" delimiter between the two entries (the 'question' and the 'answer' on each 2-sided flashcard)

    However, it would be great if the user could specify what this delimiter is.

    The reason for this is compatibility. Lots of users already have text files used on other flashcard systems, it would be a pain to have to change all the other delimiters (commas, enter key, etc etc) into tabs first before one can import and use them on opencards. If its one or two files, thats fine, the user can import them into Word and do a search/replace; but what if its 20 files? thats kind of a pain.

    Another example is also regarding compatiblity, but of a different kind. As you probably know, Powerpoint can import txt files as an 'outline' which it turns into a slideshow. Those text 'outline' files use the enter key as the delimiter in a text file. Lots of users probably have Powerpoint outlines that they would love to be able to import and use in opencards.  So again the ability for the user to specify their own delimiter character would be enormously helpful.



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