Multiple flashcards grouped together

  • Adrian

    Adrian - 2008-11-16

    Hi, does anybody know whether there is an option in opencards  to group several cards together, ie if the "answer" is too long and goes over several cards, is there a possibility that the follow on cards come up at the same time as the first one when doing long term learning?
    Cheers, Adrian

    • Holger Brandl

      Holger Brandl - 2008-11-16

      Hi Adrian,

      unfortunately this not yet possible. And to keep OpenCards as simple as possible (which helps most users more than overwhelming feature set) it's not yet planned for the future.

      But as you can put as much content as you like on a slide, it should be more than enough space any kind of answer. Just scale it down accordingly.

      However, from the learning point of view it is always beneficial to cut knowledge into pieces that can be recalled separately.

      Personally I prefer to create an overview card that summarizes a process I would like to memorize and detailed cards for each subprocedure.

      Best regards,


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