Stopping card progress

  • Adrian

    Adrian - 2009-02-26

    Hi Holger,
    is there a way to halt the progress of cards? I have the problem that I work long hrs for one week, can't do any cards and then return, however by that time I am being showered by cards that I then have to catch up to. Could I put the program on "pause" whilst not being able to do any cards? Also, could I limit the amount of cards it will give me in a day? I am aware I can limit the amount of new cards, how about the ones I have to repeat?
    Thanks and cheers,

    • Holger Brandl

      Holger Brandl - 2009-02-26

      Hi Adrian,

      interesting question. :-)

      For sure you can make a break anytime you want to. However, your brain won't switch to a kind of 'hibernate-mode' during this time. And because OpenCards wants you to memorize your cards as good possible, it can not allow its scheduler to be switched to 'pause'-mode. The scheduler needs to keep running because its a model (even if only a simple one) of your brains' long/mid/short-term memory. And this model should always be in sync with your brains current state.

      And now the good news. :-)
      1) The number of cards scheduled for each day decreases over time (because you will just know them after having reviewd them a few times and OpenCards will detect this based on your feedback)
      2) OpenCards prioritzes card-files before opening them. This means, that the file with the most 'urgent' items will be opened first.

      So when you'd made pause for some days, you just need to learn a little bit more intensive to catch up with the schedule. Spread the catch-up over some days to keep it comfortabl , while OpenCards will try to prepare an optimal schedule for you.

      Best, Holger

      ps. Don't forget to share your flashcards with the OpenCards community at . :-)

    • Adrian

      Adrian - 2009-02-27

      Thanks for the great work you are putting into this project! Will post my stuff at some stage.


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