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Alan Alte
  • Alan Alte

    Alan Alte - 2008-01-17

    I download and and I can't instll either one in open office 2.3.

    The instructions say to click on the OXT file, but neither download contains such a file.

    Any help to get this working with Impress would be appreciated.

    • Holger Brandl

      Holger Brandl - 2008-01-17

      Hi Alan,

      don't try to install because it contains the source code of OpenCards.

      Where did you get this strange file. At the download-page at
      there you can either download the oxt-file or the zipped sources.

      For install instructions (especially if you're using linux) please have a look at

      Best regards,


    • Alan Alte

      Alan Alte - 2008-01-20


      I got the files from clicking on the link you provided. It brings me to:

      The file online shows up as OpenCards-0.11.1.oct, but when you download it, it downloads it as If you click on the file (when it is a zip file), it shows the file contents, which can be extracted.

      I renamed the downloaded file to OpenCards-0.11.1.oct, but that does not work. I tried it from Explorer and extensions manager.

      Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


      • Holger Brandl

        Holger Brandl - 2008-01-20

        Hi Alan,

        it's 'oxt' not 'oct'. Indeed oxt-files are zip-files which have special internal structure. Therefore, it is possible that your file-association-table maps oxt-files to your archive-manager (and not to the OOo extension manager).

        So after you've downloaded the oxt-file please follow the installation hints at


    • Cottonedge

      Cottonedge - 2008-06-22

      Hi Holger,
         This problem still persists. I too have downloaded *both* files on the page you spoke of at:  both files download as a .zip file. After unzipping none of the files have .oxt extentions. They just are not there. It is not a case of the systems that are running. Please double check the contents of the files that are posted on that page.


      • Holger Brandl

        Holger Brandl - 2008-06-22

        Hi Cottonedge,

        just download 'OpenCards-0.15.1.oxt'. You don't need '' unless you're a developer and would like to improve OpenCards. It's possible that your operating system (winodws, mac os, linux, whatever..) treats the file as zip. Anyway, just follow the installation instruction on the website ( ) especially point (3). This should do the job. Don;t try to unzip anything, there no need to do so.

        Best regards,


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