Hello everyone,

I'm experiencing problems to run OpenBTS with a "Rev2" USRP and a single rfx1800 daughterboard on side A. First, to make the "rev2" board working with the rfx1800 (connection to the FPGA clock), I moved R115->R116 and R36->R34. Secondly, i made the following command to convert the rfx1800 board into a rfx900 one:
burn-db-eeprom -A -t flex_900_mimo_a --force

When I run OpenBTS, I get the following error:
INFO 3082316400 TRXManager.cpp:254:sendCommandPacket: command CMD TXTUNE 940800
ALARM 3082316400 TRXManager.cpp:365:tun TXTUNE failed with status 1

However, if I run
usrp_siggen.py -T A -f 900M
I get
Using TX d'board A: Flex 900 Tx MIMO A
so I believe it seems to work (if I set f<700M or f>1100M I get Failed to set RF frequency)

But if I run
usrp_fft.py -R A -f 900M
the window open with 'Failed to set initial frequency'

Do you have any ideas how to solve this problem?