I am getting this error, when OpenBTS is starting:

1351188020.008581 3078952656:
Starting the system...
ALERT 3069852528 TRXManager.cpp:86:clockHandler: TRX clock interface timed out, assuming TRX is dead.
./runOpenBTS: line 4:  1332 Aborted                 ./OpenBTS

What I did before is that I was running my device (Range Networks Dev Kit) with no antennas attached. I'm afraid that caused a crosstalk and fried up something on mixer or TRX side.
I did try to increase the time for transceiver to load, from 15 to 300. I got the same error in the end.

I really need some help and indications about how to fix this problem. Do you think that I can send back to Range Networks my device, in order to be fixed?

Thank you very much for helping me.