the question is that I have a b100 USRP with WBX daughterboard install ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS on a laptop lenovo i5 processor, installed gnuradio UHD + from the build-gnuradio page, then OpenBTS-UHD DOWNLOAD from git here will ody . / bootstrap
. / configure

Restart the computer to start the setup.

then make a copy of the file and call it OpenBTS.config openBTS.config.examples made ​​the changes here MCC 001 and MNC 01 that are not active in Colombia and ARFCN of network ARFCN 51 and 51 55

besides this AsteriskConfig configured in sip.conf and extensions.conf files with the IMSI of the phone to use.

asterisk mark then with sudo / etc / init.d / asterisk restart

then go to the path where. / OpenBTS

cd / downloads / opnbts-uhd / public-trunk / apps /

I write here. / OpenBTS and network enabled, look for the cellular network and I get the 001-01-2G and connect and give the team promptly unregistered user tells me, and from here I could not keep agradesco if I can work with this phone is the LG BEJC105