hi all;

       there is a function() named polyphaseResampleVector() in the sigProcLib.cpp which is to change sampling rate of a vector via polyphase resampling.and there is a sentence said the return value of the this function is "return A vector resampled at P/Q of the original sampling rate".(in the send side:P=96,Q=65;in the receive side: P=65,Q=96.).So in the receive side,I can konw the original sampling rate is 400K from the code,therefore 400K*65/96=270.833k. But in the send side, I do not know the value of the original sampling rate.And is the value of the sample rate which is after the process of resampling is 270.833K? If not,what is that value?

                                                                                                                                                                         thank you in advance