It is very sketchy on the specifications from the website and from the user’s manual. It looks like a Digium TDM card clone but instead of FXS and FXO modules it uses a GSM module. I couldn’t find any way to set the GSM channel or any RF specs. It uses the Dahdi driver interface which treats each module as a separate channel but you can group the channels together through the Dahdi interface.


Dahdi – Digium Asterisk Hardware Interface, next generation Zaptel driver. Name was changed due to copyright.


I haven’t looked at the actual driver yet.  It would be interesting to see more on how they implemented the RF module.


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I think this does the opposite of what OpenBTS does. It looks like is presents 4 subscriber-side air interfaces so that the Asterisk PBX and send and receive calls in the carrier network, or use GSM as a backhaul to the PSTN/PLMN.


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ATCOM release GSM asterisk card 

ATCOM officially releases its new PCI based telephony cards with GSM channels- AX4G which supports up to 4 GSM channels and fully compatible with open source Asterisk systems. With this product, Asterisk users can perfectly integrate their fixed IP telephony system with the mobile nework. The applications could be GSM connectivity for PBX, Mobile PBX, GSM VoIP gateway, SMS gateway and GSM callback service 


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