I am using the USRP to attrack mobiles to my local network with the same MCC MNC LAC, or forcing the mobile to execute the procedure of
location update because the strength of the signal of the USPR is higher with respect of the BTS of the company of telecom, but this is
slow and not always works. I use the USRP v1 with the clock at 64MHZ, one daughterboard RFX900 and the OpenBTS 2.5.1. Can the problem
be for some of these reasons?.
I am studing the code of the openbts and i have the API (Doxygen) and a document "The OpenBTS project" of 31 october of 2008. Are there
more documents to learn quicker or/and earlier?.
Thanks a lot.
Modesto Aguirre Gomez.

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