My personal experience with gsmtap, is to use the trunk version from svn to have the best results. That's the best way to have the most updated version of gsmtap (svn version is 1.9)
Package version and svn version can live together: just don't issue "make install" and you're done. If you find something unstable you can switch to package version.

On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 6:06 PM, Scott Huang <> wrote:
Hi Sylvain,
    Thanks very much.
    I also doubt about that...
    because when I use "Synaptic package manager" to  download the wireshark, it installed the 1.2.7 for me...
     I just downloaded a 1.8.0 version, wired... it's not from the official web site, ...I only saw the "for Windows" and "for OS X" on the official website.

You can't find "linux version" since you need source code :).

     Anything I need to notice when installing the wireshark 1.8.0 for linux ? 
    Thanks very much !
2012/6/24 Sylvain Munaut <>
>   The wireshark version is "Version 1.2.7", and said as newest version.

Wireshark latest stable release is 1.8.0 ... 1.2.7 is probably 3 years
old or more ...

It might be the latest version in your package repository because
you're using an outdated distribution.



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