I don't understand the question. 

On Wednesday, February 13, 2013, Daniel Melo wrote:

I have OpenBTS 2.8 and Asterisk 1.8 , OpenBTS it works and Asterisk  it works , but I dont know how can I to connect these software between them?

when I entry to Asterisk CLI , it show me that

sudo asterisk -r

sip show peers

Name/username                    Host                                    Dyn       Forcerport   ACL Port     Status       

IMSI732103011698501        (Unspecified)                            D          N                    0            UNKNOWN   
IMSI732123420617623        (Unspecified)                            D          N                    0            UNKNOWN   
IMSI732123428614438        (Unspecified)                            D          N                    0            UNKNOWN   
IMSI732123511951663        (Unspecified)                            D           N                    0           UNKNOWN   
IMSI732123518382093        (Unspecified)                            D           N                   0            UNKNOWN   

What could be my mistake?

Thanks a lot , for your colaboration.