The ALERTs are normal. 

The EMERG is not. There is an issue with your subscriber registry. It is not where the configuration file says it is. 

On Tuesday, December 4, 2012, Daniel Melo wrote:


I tried with the alarms command and it was the output

1- ALERT  sipauthserve.cpp:214:main:subscriberRegistry/trunk/sipauthserve (re)starting

2- ALERT 3074303696 OpenBTS.cpp:148:main: OpenBTS starting, ver P2.8TRUNK build date Sep 10 2012

3- EMERG 3074303696 SubscriberRegistry.cpp:160:init: Cannot open SubscriberRegistry database: unable to open database file

I want to know what it mean each "alarm" ?

again thanks for your colaboration

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Do you see any alarms when trying to make a call? Try the alarms command. 

On Monday, November 26, 2012, Daniel Melo wrote:

So, I used sudo chrt 80 ./OpenBTS, it helped me, but now when I connect  the cellphone with the network, it doesnt show any message and in the TMSIS  in OpenBTSCLI it shows me  the IMSI of the cellphone, Nevertheless, when I try to call to 600 it doesnt work, it doesnt show me anything,  anything happend... I want to know, if  this wiki can help me to solve my problem.

What should be the message when the system  is ready? 

Thanks for your colaboration

2012/11/17 Alexander Chemeris <>
It usually means your PC is too slow or under heavy load or somehow
else can't catch up with real time. Try using 'sudo chrt 80 ./OpenBTS'
- sometimes it helps.

On Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 8:42 AM, Daniel Melo <> wrote:
> hello
> When I try to connect the cellphone with OpenBTS , the output is:
> ortp-warning-Must catchup 83 miliseconds.
> ortp-warning-Must catchup 73 miliseconds.
> ortp-warning-Must catchup 63 miliseconds.
> ortp-warning-Must catchup 53 miliseconds.
> What could be the problem?
> Thanks a lot for your colaboration.
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