This is really interesting. I will say that the public release does not support encryption, so you shouldn't worry too much that you've accidentally enabled it. 

On Sun, Nov 4, 2012 at 4:56 PM, Tudor Pop <> wrote:
Hi everyone.

I have read time ago something about a new feature of iOS 5: 'Unsecured Calls' warning lets users know if they are talking on unencrypted networks. Please have a look on Google about this feature, there are plenty of articles, even on So, I've decided to test this feature on my Range Networks Dev Kit.

what: the iPhone that I've tested on my unsecured network (working on iOS 5.1.1) is not displaying any warning or anything else. Not even an unlocked padlock as some Nokia phones are displaying during the call made on an unencrypted network.

Moreover, I did tick that "unencrypted" function from Same results, no warnings whatsoever from my iPhone 4S.

Did someone get this kind of warnings on his phone?



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