Congratulations to David, Kurtis and community!
This is great news for everyone and I hope to see much better interraction of developers of proprietory, public and open versions of OpenBTS.
Don't forget that the biggest promise of OpenBTS is to change the world of telecommunication by providing mobile communication at much lower price then is possible today. Especially in areas where it's most neaded. And we should work together to make this happen!

Alexander Chemeris
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On Oct 29, 2011 4:11 AM, "David Burgess" <> wrote:

OpenBTS Community -

I would like to announce the hiring of Kurtis Heimerl by Range
Networks as our open source community liaison and to assist in the
management of the open source repository.  For those of you who do
not know Kurtis already, he explains himself pretty well in http://, so please take a look.

A big part of Kurtis' job will be to help us (Range) to manage the
OpenBTS public release, repository and documentation in a way that
better serves the needs of the people who use it and contribute to
it.  Another big part of his job will be to help insure that the
commercial and public releases remain consistent, especially in terms
of bug fixes and external interfaces.

We are all excited about this new position in our company and in the
project and hope that Kurtis' leadership and assistance will keep the
public project vital and exciting, and encourage even wider

Thanks to All and Best Regards,

David Burgess

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