So that is very necessary to set up this list for the UMTS spec is too complicated and some information may be partly closed or difficult to find.


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John -

My understanding at this point is that the mobility management and call control parts of UMTS Um are specified in 3GPP 24.008 and are similar to the corresponding GSM Um parts in GSM 04.08.  The radio resource part of UMTS Uu is specified in 3GPP 25.331.  This UMTS RRC uses ASN.1-coded messages, not the simple TLV-coding you see in GSM 04.08.  Also, a lot of the parameters in UMTS RRC are not clearly defined, at least not that I have found so far.  For example, there is an NAS-SystemInformationGSM-MAP element that appears in several places that I have not found an explanation for yet, other than that it is an "octet string".

-- David

> hi list,
> for 3gpp specs for UMTS is too many. If anyone know which spec is related
> to UMTS signaling message structure
> that will very helpful for me. For GSM 04.08 is for gerneral message
> structure and 04.60 is for GPRS message structure.
> Then which one is for UMTS signaling message structure?
> Regards

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