Do the UHD examples - particularly rx_timed_samples - work?

Yes, rx_times_samples completes cleanly. For what its worth, benchmark_rx_rate starts throwing over-run errors at 4 Msps. 

Testing receive rate 4.000000 Msps (10.000000 second run)
    Received packets: 52509
    Received samples: 25827327
    Lost samples: 14172655
    Lost packets: 28009 (approximate)
    Sustained receive rate: 2.582734 Msps
> Some issue right after "Starting USRP..." - cannot get "what()" property?
> Does anyone know what's going on here?

There is a request for a property (e.g. the current time or clockrate)
that is not implemented. Again, I suspect this may be version related.

OK, I'll dig a little and see what I can find.

Thanks for the quick response.

Anders Brownworth