Greetings to all,

  I 'm new in openbts and the general idea of gsm and usrp. I'm facing some problems with the current setup that I have. For a start i don't see any test gsm network.

Here is my hardware:

USRP 1, from Ettus , and 2 x FLEX 900.

My software, linux, debian ( backtrack4 R1 )

Asterisk 1.4 ( i don't care about it at the moment )

OpenBTS 2.5.4Lacassine ( i've tried also 2.6.0Mamou)

OpenBTS is starting normally and i'm at the prompt. No errors or something else on 2.5.4 release.

Next i'm trying some devices, i've tried motorola Razr3, Iphone 3g, old samsung mobile, nothing seems to locate the test network.

Any ideas on how could i proceed, how can i see if the daughterboards FLEX900 are operating well or there is some problem with them ? The configuration that i'm using for the OpenBTS is the example.config with no change at all.