I mean the number you assign in /etc/asterisk/extension.conf:

exten => 2102,1,Macro(dialSIP,IMSI208101061428729)

In that case, I want 2102 to show up.
On the OpenBTS network, this is the phone number for that user. If you
want to call him, dial 2102. If you want to text him, sms to 2102 etc.
That's the phone number I'd like to display.


--- Axelle

OK Good at least we are on the same page here :-)

Having not needed to do this myself I don't have anything to offer right now, but. I would first look at the script that gets called to send the auto-response SMS to the joined handset. Then add a section to it to grep /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf for $IMSI of your handset and then awk out the "2102" and then return that in the SMS text along with the IMSI or just the extension.

I know this method was available in HAR09. If i remember correctly.. I was pretty high & drunk so maybe I just imagined it.

I am sure some one else may come up with a more elegant way of doing that? I will have a look and email you back some test code.