I have bought OpenBTS (USRP , PC and some SIMs) development kit from Kestrel shop. Hardware was tested successfully by Harvind  and send to us. During tests was used TRX.Path ../Transceiver52M/transceiver , but kal shows 64MHz clock:
 ./kal -f 1805400000 -u
USRP side: B
FPGA clock: 64000000
Decimation: 192
Antenna: RX2
Sample rate: 333333.343750
error: fcch not detected in 20 frames
My question is: accourding to kal utility I have 64 MHz clock (not 52)?
The main issue is that not all phone find and registers to OpenBTS network (Nokia E61i, Nokia N80) but older phones like Siemens C45 registers without problems. I've read article that using external 64 MHz clock could solve the problem (http://gshm.posterous.com/openbts-fix-connect-external-clock-to-usrp).
  Could you please help me to register mobile phones to OpenBTS network.

Best Regards,