Hi all,

I readed all wiki, installed and configured all and it is working well.

I have only a doubt:

In 2.5.4 version the Downlink power setting was very simple:

  From "GSM.PowerAttenDB 0" To  "GSM.PowerAttenDB 23"

Instead with 2.6 Mamou... i'm having some doubts:

# Maximum attenuation (sets MINIMUM power level).
# Atten 30 -> 20 dBm.
GSM.PowerManager.MaxAttenDB 30
# Minimum attenuation (sets MAXIMUM power level).
# Atten 7 -> 36 dBm. (with TX IF of 40MHz)
GSM.PowerManager.MinAttenDB  7

How i could set the power management to be fixed at maximum power (23 dBm/200mW of RFX900)?!

Thank you