We are a group of graduate students (3) at the ECE Department of NCSU, Raleigh. As a part of a term project for 1 of our subjects, we have decided to work towards some open problem(s) in openBTS. By the end of the semester we wish to contribute something back to the openBTS project ( hopefully :))
While studying the currently open tickets ( http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/openbts/report/1?asc=1&sort=type&USER=anonymous), we narrowed down our focus on the following 2 open issues:
What I would like to know is that, is it preferable that we take up the ownership of these issues so that it avoids redundancy? But again, we are not sure if we will be able to deliver a working solution to this problem. Can anyone guide us, as to how we should proceed. Also, if we are to look for someone who could guide u better, where should we go (other than the forum)?

Manasi Shiledar