Well the best way is the radio chamber as this eliminates your RF interference problem.  If you combine this with setting the 001 code, then the phones should camp to the BTS once the are powered on (at least that is how I understand it.  Again, I have not looked at OpenBTS yet, so I don't know how this is setup.  

One thing to remember is that the phone won't jump to 001 if it has other options.  Like David said, the usual case is that the handset decides what it wants to do and when to do it.  If you do operate outside the chamber, the 001 code is dangerous because you could pull a phone off its network and on to yours.  When this happens, the operator can see it (if they are looking) and the user can see it.  A phone call to the operator and you could find yourself in jail.  Interfere with an emergency 911 call and you could also be in for a heavy law suit not to mention hurt somebody.


On Apr 28, 2009, at 3:03 AM, Tachwali, Yahia wrote:

Hello Ken,
Thank you for your informative reply. The 001 test code for MNC is very interesting hint and I am not sure if it is set by default in the openBTS project. This hint is great because it will eliminate the need of prgramming the SIM (Am I right?)
At any case, I will be having the USRPs in a radio chamber to avoid any interference with the outside world. so the zero coverage area condition will be met as well.
Should it be the 001 test code the right way to go?
Kind regards,
Yahia Tachwali

From: Ken M. Erney [kerney@cryptikware.com]
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2009 7:18 PM
To: Tachwali, Yahia
Cc: Jane Chen; openbts-discuss@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: Re: [Openbts-discuss] How to disable the 1900 band of Nokia DCT4 phones?


I have not actually used the openBTS system yet, but in other pico and nano cell systems that I have used, this depends heavily on a number of factors.  Once a handset has registered with a network, it usually is quite happy to stay there until something prompts a change.  In most cases, if you are using an operator's SIM, say AT&T, the handset will stay on the current network until its current connection quality drops, it moves, or it sees another AT&T signal or another signal in the SIM cards preferred provider list.  Your BTS then either needs to be broadcasting the same NMC/MCC (i.e. spoofing...which has legal implications) or you need your own SIM card in the handset that is configured with the MCC/MNC of your BTS.

The other way to accomplish this is to set your OpenBTS to use the 001 test code for MNC.  Most phones will attempt to camp on this code if its the best signal around and its not happy on its own network.  This works best if you are in a zero-coverage area and you are sending out the 001 test code.

In the end, unless you use your own SIM cards and you have the phone configured to use your BTS, it won't just jump over to you if its happy where it is....and certainly for operator SIM cards, the phone will keep to its preferred provider list.  You should also be aware that if the phone is SIM locked then you can't even put your own SIM card in the device as it will only work with the network that locked it (i.e. if you have an ATT phone and its been locked to only use the ATT network, then it won't work at all when you change the SIM card).

This is....at least my understanding....but this is complex subject.  This also applies really to nano and pico cell type systems that have the full network behind it (ie. MSC, HLR, etc.).  Since the OpenBTS is an RF front end to a VOIP core, I don't know enough about this type of thing to say if the above applies.  Anybody tracking this thread, feel free to jump in :-)



Hello All,
I just have a small question on the manual operator selection. Is it possible to get the MS to camp on the openBTS cell automatically without having to choose the openBTS network manually from the MS?
Kind regards,
Yahia Tachwali

From: Ken M. Erney [kerney@cryptikware.com]
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2009 7:34 AM
To: Jane Chen
Cc: openbts-discuss@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: Re: [Openbts-discuss] How to disable the 1900 band of Nokia DCT4 phones?


I am not sure you can do that from settings or software.  You can usually choose GSM or WCDMA on dual mode/quad band phones but this wont give you the ability to just disable a single band.  If you know the network you are connecting to, you should be able to set the phone for manual operator selection and then pick the network you want...which will lock this to that network.  If the phones are locked to TMobile or ATT, this won't work unless the BTS you connect to is setup to provide the correct network code.


On Apr 26, 2009, at 10:54 PM, Jane Chen wrote:

Hi all,
My phones can only get T-mobile or AT&T, so I would like to disable the 1900 band of  my Nokia phones (3120 and 6131).
I read the Nokia 3120 user guide and searched through the Internet as well. I used "disable,  nokia,3120, 1900, bands," as keywords, but I have not got any useful information to disable the 1900 band. Could you please give me any links or information how to disable the 1900 band of Nokia 3120  if it is convenient for you?

Thank you, 

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