Hi David,

I don't get what you said about the 5110 and 3310. Sorry for my poor knowledge and English. 

Did you mean that the SIM holder of 5510 is easily to be broken, so SIM cards cannot be read by the 5110?

What did you mean "at a time if your own L3 error handling isn't to spec"? Is L3 of OpenBTS different from spec?

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Jane -

We have had good results with the Nokia 3310, 5110 and 8890.  Unfortunately, none of those allow you to enable field test mode through the keypad.  For the 3310 and 5110, you need a cable.  For the 8890, you can enable field test mode through the IR interface.  None of these is perfect:

* The 8890 is a fairly expensive phone, using costing over $70, even used, but it is probably the best overall test phone.
* I like the feel of the 5110 but have had problems with the SIM holder breaking on that model.
* The 3310 has some L3 bugs and will hang for 30-60 seconds at a time if your own L3 error handling isn't to spec..

Be sure to get unlocked phones.  I recently ordered several unlocked handsets from superwebshop.com.  Their prices are decent, but they don't discount shipping for multiple combined orders..  The phones, Nokia models 3310, 6150, 6110, and 8210, have not yet arrived.  I'll report the results to the list when I have them.

-- David

On Apr 27, 2009, at 2:49 PM, Jane Chen wrote:

Hi David,
My advisor allows me to buy a Nokia DCT-3 phone to run the OpenBTS. Could you please recommend a model which has the least problems with the OpenBTS and the field test enabling can be keypad?  What cell phones are you using with OpenBTS?
I am in CA, USA.. I use the RFX900 and the USRP to run the OpenBTS.
Thank you,

David A. Burgess
Kestrel Signal Processing, Inc.