Louis -

This sounds like a bug from a very old version. What version are you using?

You should have 2.4 from the SFTP server.

-- David

On Jun 29, 2009, at 8:03 AM, Louis Seurrat de la Boulaye wrote:


I have successfuly install openBTS on archlinux and solve some problem hardware but I still have an error

I start asterisk
I run ./transceiver  in a shell
and ./OpenBTS850 in other.
The prog run during 5-10s and I have a segfault on the transceiver

1246294624.485098 3082378096: radioInterface.cpp:336 transmitFIFO: read radio vector at time: 7:606
1246294624.485109 3082111856: increment!!!
Erreur de segmentation

someone know the reason of this crash?


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