The descriptive text reads "If not NULL, allow unprovisioned handsets to attach in Um".

1. Leave it as NULL. Who is "they"? They are wrong.
2. You set Control.LUR.OpenRegistration to a regex to match against the IMSI.
3. Do NOT set your MCC and MNC in the OpenBTS software to a local provider. You may get phones that try to register to your network, but your network should properly deny them.

If you don't know what you are doing, then I highly recommend NOT changing Control.LUR.OpenRegistration or any of the cellid parameters away from their defaults, unless you COMPLETELY understand any possible consequences (and are prepared to face them).

Also, please review the manual here:


On 6/26/12 8:05 PM, Pan, Luyuan wrote:
The Control.LUR.OpenRegistration (null) means allow Open registration?
1. If I want to close the Open registration, what should I do? (I use the default cellid 001 01 1000 10, but still attract many phones. I do not know why?)
They say Control.LUR.OpenRegistration (null) means allow unprovisioned handsets with matching IMSIs to attach in Um?
2. But what is *matching IMSIs*? (Is it something like a filter?)
3. How to configure matching IMSIs? My MCC=460 MNC=00
Thank you..

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