Hi, a bit late response because of holidays. Yes, using Fa-sy1 and USRP 1, 2x RFX900 as mentioned before, i did what you mentioned and here is a result:

./kal -s 900 -f 945.2
kal: Scanning for GSM-900 base stations.
        chan: 37 (942.4MHz + 32.280kHz) power: 893.79
        chan: 38 (942.6MHz + 32.281kHz) power: 579.76

945.2 is my choosen frequendy from OpenBTS-UHD 2.6 / OpenBTS.config - ARFCN 51
I also see that calibrate uses near by BTS for "some" calculations. I know there is BTS on channel 10 so i did following:

./kal -s GSM900 -c 10 -R A
kal: Scanning for GSM-900 base stations.
        chan: 113 (957.6MHz - 28.790kHz)        power: 13398.63

But i am lost what next...

Not sure how to calibrate with kal, i also have never version of windows software which seems to "do something" but phones cant still find OpenBTS network, so i doubt it works on 100%. All info i have about windows software - USB_Synth.exe is following: set frequency, hit remember and software will create .ini file and clock should be callibrate.

Attaching screenshot about software, if anyone knows what else i need to change / modify please let me know.


File created after closing the program looks like this:

Frequency= 5.20000000000000E+0007
Multiplier= 1.00000000000000E+0000
Offset= 0.00000000000000E+0000
Increment= 1.00000000000000E+0000
F_Startup= 5.63200000000000E+0001
UserInc= 1.25000000000000E+0004
FSK-Shift= 1.00000000000000E+0002
fcryst= 1.14285000000000E+0002

If someone in community is using Fa-sy1 or know what should be possibly wrong with the clock please respond. When done i will put all this together so nobody will fight this fa-sy battle again.


ohh you are using
check if sma connector is connected properly .(i never tried "fa-sy1" )
and to kalibrate you need to use following command
./kal -s 900 -f <your frequency>
post those results here.
On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 10:58 PM, Akib Sayyed <akibsayyed@gmail.com> wrote:
kalibrate needs GR>=3.3

post your kal -s 900 result here.
what are you using usrp1/usrp2??
are you using clocl tammer??
please post all the details
like result of kalibration and devices you are using . and yes it works with 3.4.2
On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 9:15 PM, zzinger <zzinger@inbox.ru> wrote:
Dear list,

looks like my software installation is ok (thx for previous responses) but having problems with Fa-sy 1 calibration. Openbts 2.6-uhd and 2.8 works, but phones cant see BTS. Signal (looking on phone display) is strong then drop to zero, then is stron, but now "visible" OpenBTS network. So it really looks like clock problem. Windows utility to calibrate fa-sy (USB_Synth.exe) i have is a bit strange, so i did a quick search and found


Links to Kalibrate are broken, but before searching i would like to ask if somebody use Kalibrate before to calibrate Fa-sy 1 and can provide how to / or what is the "best" way to calibrate fa-sy 1.

Third, does Kalibrate work with recent GnuRadio 3.4.2 or i need to switch to gnuradio 3.2.2 as mentioned on gnuradio homepage?



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