So, with your patch it's possible to use an USRP1 with a setup of:
- 1 x RFX900 (TX)
- 1x DBSRX (RX)

also with a clocktamer setup to 52mhz clock?


On 23/12/10 00.40, Thomas Tsou wrote:
These two patches add generic daughterboard support to the 64 and 52
MHz transceivers respectively. This enables single board WBX, RFX, and
combinations using the DBSRX on sides A or B. They apply to git

RFX specific parts are removed and daughterboard functionality is
controlled through the base API. The tuning is set to a non-inverted
image so the I/Q swaps are removed as well.

Daughterboard configuration is set through an enum variable.
Currently, there is no auto-configuration and the default is Tx/Rx on
sides A/B respectively. Set the value in USRPDevice.cpp appropriate
for your daughterboard configuration.

enum dboardConfigType {

const dboardConfigType dboardConfig = TXA_RXB;

For transceiver boards the receive antenna is set to RX2.

64 MHz Transceiver only:

The gains are currently not configurable through the device API and
default to midpoint for the installed daughterboard(s).

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