I have find a soltion for this. I added an extension openbts to the openbts/asterisk box that calls the different sip extensions. Now it works perfectly

lines openbts/asterisk box /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf

exten => openbts,1,Answer()
exten => openbts,n,Dial(SIP/${NR1002}&SIP/${NR1005}&SIP/${NR1006},40,rt)
exten => openbts,n,Hangup()

lines residential asterisk box dialing the SIP  trunk

exten => 315XXXXXXXX,n,Dial(SIP/trunk-paris-lyon/openbts,40,rt)

Still strange that it didn't work but this seems to be a perfect workaround. When we got an incoming phone call at home a couple of gsm phones starts to ring. This way I (and my family) can get real life experience using OpenBTS. I hope it will work ok otherwise I have to stop this experiment to keep the peace in the house.   Don't mess around with residential phonesystems ;-)


exten => 315XXXXXXXX,n,Dial(SIP/trunk-paris-lyon/openbts,40,rt)
On 30 dec 2009, at 20:07, meetmecall wrote:

I set up a trunk (see http://www.panoramisk.com/90/sip-trunk-with-asterisk/en/
 ) between the openbts/asterisk box and the residential asterisk  
phone system. The trunk is working well but there is a but.

exten => 315XXXXXXXX,n,Dial(SIP/trunk-paris-lyon/1005&SIP/trunk-paris-

 is the line in the asterisk dial plan of the residential phone  
system. 1005 and 1006 are GSM phones. This should make two phones of  
the OpenBTS/Asterisk system, 1005 and 1006, ring at the same time but  
this isn't happening. Is there a logical explanation or reason for not  
ringing two GSM phones at the same time. When I point to 1001 (the  
Polycom sip phone) and 1002 (Zoiper, SIP softphone running on my  
MacBook), both phones ring, as expected, at the same time. Can this  
considered to be a bug?


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