Hi everyone !

First, kudos for the work you're doing.
I just read the whole blog story about Niue.
Glad to see this project really is taken into consideration by real telcos !

I have been searching for mails and wiki posts about handovers, which I consider to be very important in a mobile network (more than GPRS and EDGE for that matter), and I did not find anything useful. Is it even a priority ?
After a quick read of GSM04.08 (part 3.4.4), I created those diagrams.

OpenBTS_HO_intra.pdf : when two openbtses are connected to the same asterisk server
OpenBTS_HO_extra.pdf :when two openbtses are connected to different asterisk servers

These are very incomplete, but I would be happy to discuss how we can integrate handover in the network. The aim is to keep it decentralized, isn't it ?

With kind regards to the community,