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We used something similar at Burning Man.  The problem, though, is that once you start tx-ing and real power in the downlink band, it will bleed like crazy into the uplink band.  You need, at a bare minimum, something on the order of 100 dB of isolation between downlink and uplink if you want to operate over any significant range and to really get the full range of the protocol I think you need more like 160 dB.  Even if the USRP output were very clean (which it is not), you will have an isolation problem.  You will need a good duplexer to get to isolation you need, or at least a good pair of uplink/downlink filters.  Otherwise your range will be limited to just 10-20 meters, regardless of your transmitted power levels.

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On Nov 20, 2008, at 1:59 AM, Fabian Uehlin wrote:

Hello David,

we ordered the USRP and 2x RFX1800. Unfortunately the items are out of stock and so we will get it in ca. 4 weeks.
We got a temporary licence (GSM1800) and we are allowed to transmit 1W ERP. The daughterboards has an100+mW output, so we think about 
buying an extra module like this http://www.macom.com/DataSheets/PA1132.pdf
Do you have any experience?

Thanks & Regards -Fabian Uehlin-

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