By openBTS CLi they mean thant when you run openBTS you will have a command line interface through that u can configure openbts using the described method in the link u mentioned 

--- On Thu, 11/1/12, Sundus Tahir <> wrote:

From: Sundus Tahir <>
Subject: [Openbts-discuss] Configuring OpenBTS
To: "" <>
Date: Thursday, November 1, 2012, 11:37 PM


On this webpage where we are given directions on how to build and install openBTS:
Under the heading Configuring OpenBTS, the directions given are:

The values can be modified from OpenBTSCLI with the config command. For example,

config GSM.Radio.Band 900
config GSM.Radio.C0 1
config Control.LUR.OpenRegistration *

I ran this command from the openbts directory and got this error:
No command 'config' found, did you mean:
Command 'fconfig' from package 'redboot-tools' (main)
Command 'zconfig' from package 'python-zconfig' (universe)
Command 'vconfig' from package 'vlan' (main)
Command 'mconfig' from package 'mono-devel' (main)
config: command not found

I also tried running this command from the openbts/trunk/apps directory where OpenBTSCLI files are present, but got the same error.

What is causing this error?

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