I get the following output:

1303823628.1787 FORCE 140127302100768 Logger.cpp:120:gSetLogFile: new log path test.out
1303823628.1792 ALARM 140127302100768 ControlCommon.cpp:573:load: TMSITable cannot open TMSITable.txt for reading
1303823628.1796 ALARM 140127302100768 OpenBTS.cpp:129:main: OpenBTS starting, ver 2.6PUBLIC build date Apr 15 2011
1303823628.1800 ERROR 140127302100768 OpenBTS.cpp:103:restartTransceiver: cannot start transceiver
1303823628.1832 DEBUG 140127301752592 SIPInterface.cpp:185:drive: blocking on socket
1303823633.1833 INFO 140127302100768 TRXManager.cpp:248:sendCommandPacket: command CMD POWEROFF
1303823636.1866 WARN 140127302100768 TRXManager.cpp:258:sendCommandPacket: TRX link timeout on attempt 1
1303823636.1864 ALARM 140127301486352 TRXManager.cpp:87:clockHandler: TRX clock interface timed out, assuming TRX is dead.

I use the USRP2 with RFX900 Daugtherboard.
Does someone known what's wrong...
Do I need a Ref-Clock?