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  • Chris Molanus

    Chris Molanus - 2009-01-25

    Where would one start (JAVA class) if they where hoping to make a independent program which displays a few of the last orders (Tickets, Shared Tickets). The plan is to make a kitchen display which show the orders which have been entered, particularly the "Shared Tickets" since these are current orders. I can imagine i could parse the startup script file but i was hoping for a push method rather then a pull.

    On the other hand I might image that such a program already exist but after a few days of searching I am unable to find it.

    I would be very grateful for any assistance.

    • jimm

      jimm - 2009-01-26

      Hi Chris,

      There are a few things in the program which may be useful for a "display" in the kitchen. The difference between a "kitchen display" and a "kitchen printer" would have to be defined to start. The program already lets you define up to three printers, one of which is very often used in the kitchen. If you add a "Print to kitchen" button to the sales panel and make the type of template/resource you need for the "Print to kitchen" action, you could use any serial terminal to display the orders in the kitchen as they are placed and with just about any terminal programs memory function be able to scroll back over the last orders placed on the display. The main thing to keep in mind is that while the word "print" is used it is really just sending data and if the data ends up on a screen via a terminal program or on a printed sheet it is the same thing.

      If you check through some of the older messages in the forum you will find some messages that I posted a while ago concerning writing "drivers" for additional printer hardware types and adding special functions that can be used in templates. If you added a "printer" type MyKitchenDisplay and did the "driver" and added a few special printing tags, you could write the template/resource that could display the orders exactly as you want on a screen.

      Depending on the font size used on the display terminal just how many orders are visible without scrolling will be determined. It will always be a balance of being readable and needing to scroll.

      If you want to do something more elaborate the the place to start looking is at the use of "TicketsBag". I use an old version of the program but pretty sure this is where yuo will need to start. I believe the "TicketsBag" still contains all the currently active orders and their details. They are taken out of the "TicketsBag" upon payment. You can check this by starting a few tickets and then looking in the "resources" table of the database. If things have not changed drastically, you should find a resource resembling "Bag" something. The contents of the bag was/is serialized data of the tickets open with all the data of the active orders. You could then use this data to send to your display.

      There are a lot of possibilities of things that could be added fro restaurant use. If one wants to get fancy it would be possible to give some interactivity between the kitchen display and the POS terminal like the kitchen being able to make ordered items as being delivered and having the font or colour of delivered items change on the POS terminal. It would be a lot of work but could be useful for restaurants.


    • Paul Fleming

      Paul Fleming - 2009-02-10

      I created a Kitchen Display.

      Orders were marked with a 'completed' column into the database, They were then displayed using a web page (Full screen render mode). They could be marked as complete using a USB keypad
      It uses php/ajax to display and works rather well, It's far from prefect but works decently. We process about 30k orders a month without fault.

      Email me if you request this and I'll setup a page to download the patches.

      • wilson ramirez

        wilson ramirez - 2014-06-27

        hola como puedo contactarte, estoy tratando de hacer un Kitchen Display y he intendado varias opciones.. por favor orientame..

    • Zil

      Zil - 2009-04-21

      Hello Paul.

      I'm very interesting in your Kitchen Display.

      Can you post a how to o something like dad?

  • Mastonic

    Mastonic - 2013-03-06


    Im very interessted by this solution can you give me the link or patch or tutorial

    because i send a email but not answer.

    Very Thx


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