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purchase order

  • aloui

    aloui - 2007-08-08

    How can i create a unique purchase order for products stored in different warehouses ?

    • Galder Romo

      Galder Romo - 2007-08-25

      This post should have been in functionality forums.

      Yes you can. You just have to create a new order, and you select default warehouse for this order. On orderlines, you can select products from any warehouse regardless the default warehouse is the one selected on the order tab.

    • QC Pang

      QC Pang - 2008-08-23

      My opnebravo only show analysis tools and no transaction & other feature like create new order etc in procurement, warehouse, production, sales, finance function . I am installed the openbravo community edition, could anybody tell me what's the problem?


      • Gil Forcada

        Gil Forcada - 2008-08-25


        With which user are you trying to do so?

        Gil Forcada


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