Config Manual 2.5 Making the manual payment

  • gillian harder

    gillian harder - 2009-03-12

    Good Morning,

    In config manual 2.5 section 5-7-4 named "Making the Manual Payment" you will see that both instruction "3" and "11" state "Select the Create Payment Tab"

    I believe that instruction "3" should state select "Manual Payment Tab".

    It is my understanding that if you select the create payment tab before creating the manual payment you receive an error message.

    If you agree it may be useful for future users to have the manual updated.

    Many Thanks


    • gillian harder

      gillian harder - 2009-03-12

      Perhaps something to add to the above when you follow instructions "1" and "2" you should then select New and you are taken directly to the manual settlement tab. At this point you must not select "create payment" as you will receive an error message.

      For the manual can I suggest that step 3 is removed altogether then processing will be smooth.


    • Rachel Johnston

      Rachel Johnston - 2009-03-12




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