Config Manual 2.5 (5-7-3 Open A/C Period 1)

  • gillian harder

    gillian harder - 2009-03-10

    Good Afternoon,

    Re: Opening Accounting Period 1 - Menu 5-7-3

    May I suggest that in instruction 1 of the above menu option that the word "Transactions" is inserted after Accounting and before Open / Close Period Control.

    I believe that the correct instruction to navigate to this particular menu should read

    Financial Management > Accounting > Transactions > Open / Close Period Control.

    This may save others looking for it

    Many Thanks


    • Rachel Johnston

      Rachel Johnston - 2009-03-10

      Thanks Gillian well spotted.

    • gillian harder

      gillian harder - 2009-03-26

      Sorry Rachel, when I pointed the above missing word I should have thought to check the instructions on closing accounting period 1.

      Anyway the word "Transactions" is also missing from instruction 1 in section 5-7-7 (Closing Accounting Period 1) and in instruction 10 it says that Period 1 is now "open" it should say that period 1 is now closed.

      It would be great if you could put these couple of minor adjustments through when you have a spare 5 mins.


      PS When I close accounting period 1 should I be able to see my manual settlement in any reports? I understand now that it is not in any G/L reports (I am about to try to process something into there now) but I thought I may have seen something on the bank report.


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