Having funcitonality as separate "stores"

  • ddshore

    ddshore - 2009-09-01

    I'm seeing the possibility of implementing openbravo since a customer of mine wants to have a store that sells things from different providers, but wants the providers to see exactly how much they've sold from each item, updated automatically.  I was seeing the possibility of using openbravo ERP and POS, however, I'm having a little trouble understanding if this is possible, and how hard/viable this would be to implement, since there would be around thirty store providers who would have access only to a certain range of items sold, I'm also not sure if that would mean thirty licenses since they would not be able to modify anything just seeing what has been sold of theirs. 
    Also, I know this isn't the right place to ask, but I can't understand the pricing scheme, since this is what it says in the page
    "1.500€ +From 500 to 400€ / per concurrent user*",
    Also, since the download is availabe for free, is this a price for having it hosted in an openbravo server? 
    Sorry about all these questions but I searched through the site and can't find the place where this is explained.


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