Config manual-Transfer of live TB to Openbrav

  • gillian harder

    gillian harder - 2009-03-24

    Good Afternoon,
    I have just upgraded my Openbravo instillation to the new Beta version and am working my way (again) through the config manual. It is great to see that some extra detail has been added and I now understand better how the opening balance process should work.

    I am now happy that my manual payments for period 0001 do not post to the G/L as I understand that this process is only used for management and information purposes.

    However I am not sure where in the config manual that I find out how to transfer my current TB into Openbravo so that the G/L does show balances. I need to replicate my TB into Openbravo. Can you please point me in the right direction within the manual or alternatively provide some instructions. I guess I just want to post a large journal with many accounts (either credit or debit) which will (hopefully) balance in total.

    Many thanks in advance and for your help and patience


    • Rachel Johnston

      Rachel Johnston - 2009-03-25

      Hi Gillian

      It's on my list, unfortunately I have had to take my attention away from the configuration guide temporarily but will address this ASAP.


    • gillian harder

      gillian harder - 2009-03-26

      Hi Rachel,
      Thanks for the reply I will log it on the other forum as I am sure that someone will be able to tell me what to do.

    • David Alsasua Egea

      Hi Gillian,

      You are right:  you need to post a manual settlement with all the historical movements. This can be really hard to do it manually, so maybe you can create an script to upload those data into the fact_acct table in database.


      David Alsasua


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